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Blueme designs, markets, and distributes a luxury functional fragrance collection that is backed by science. The brand is committed to improving wellness while being sustainable.

Over the past year, our team worked with researchers and perfumers at leading fragrance houses worldwide and launched a collection of Asian-inspired refillable ceramic candles with high-quality soy wax blend and reed diffusers.

Our uniquely positioned functional fragrance collection also comes with a commitment to be more sustainable: our recandles (refill for the candle) cost much less than its ceramic version and come in all sizes and fragrances. Blueme recandles allow, for the first time, consumers to use their empty candle containers repeatedly and effectively stop the practice of one-use glasses that contribute to millions of dirty candle glasses each year. Blueme is creating a new lane in the lifestyle/home fragrance brand and has been well received by stores such as Bloomingdale’s and also online with their own website!

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Bethesda, Maryland