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Skin care for grownups. Award-winning skin nutrition. Clinically proven to fight, defy and delay signs of midlife skin aging caused by hormone decline (we’re looking at you estrogen!).

Caire is a proprietary, lab-developed approach for grown-up skincare, designed for women over 40 and 50+. We strive to make products that are truly clean and beneficial for women (and men!) and offer an empowering philosophy to solving skin care issues … Why Caire? Did you know that sex hormones (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) are also involved in daily skin cell production. At age 30, men and women both start losing 1% per year of their skin cells. At 40, women lose 2x per year that of men. And at menopause (around 51), women lose another 25-30% of collagen, keratinocytes, hyaluronic and everything else. Our simple 2-step vegan, cruelty-free regimen works from the inside out to infuse and improve skin’s own natural ability to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate itself.

Caire is clinically proven to improve mid-life skin health, strength, smoothness and glow.

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