Coalition Snow


Coalition Snow is the world’s first ski and snowboard brand that is founded, owned, and operated by women. We started Coalition Snow with a mission to build high performance women’s skis and snowboards. We were tired of watered-down and pinked-up men’s equipment. We knew we deserved better equipment and a community that saw us, heard us, valued us, and put us front and center. So we said goodbye to the shrink-it-and-pink-it method and toxic bro culture and said hello to something more: a community that values camaraderie over competition and solidarity over sending.

Beyond our performance-driven skis and snowboards, we also are proud to create cheeky apparel, an irreverent podcast, an inclusive print magazine, and a virtual community—all powered by a shred-the-patriarchy ethos. Yes, we do like to strap planks of wood to our feet and giggle with joy as we slide down mountains, but we’re so much more than that. We are a community. We are co-conspirators. We are Coalition Snow: when they zig, we zag.

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Reno, Nevada