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Freestyle Snacks is a premium olive snack reimagining olives as we know them. We bring together high quality, delicious marinated olives from Greece with convenient, liquid-free packaging. Finally, olive lovers get what they deserve: all of the taste, none of the hassle.

When the pandemic hit and our founder could no longer get her fancy olive fix from the olive bar, she was face-to-face with the lackluster olive aisle. All of the existing canned and jarred options were bland, mushy, and watery. On top of that, they were incredibly inconvenient to eat with the messy brine spilling everywhere. So, she decided to create an easier and more enjoyable way to eat olives with Freestyle Snacks. Offering 5 mouthwatering flavors in two snacking sizes, Freestyle Snacks is sure to delight with every poppable bite.

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Atlanta, Georgia