Generational Wealth Wines

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Generational Wealth Wines was founded by an LA native who is the first generation to accomplish many things in her family, including post secondary education, home ownership and most notably entrepreneurship. She founded this company to be a reflection of her culture and community where she grew up, South Central Los Angeles, as well as to spark the conversation of generational wealth among disadvantaged communities, and inspire other first generation young adults to keep striving and be the change agent for their family.

Our Rosecrans Rosé is named after Rosecrans Avenue in Los Angeles. It stretches from Manhattan Beach to Fullerton, touching many cities in between, which shows its diversity. Rosecrans Rosé was named after the street and is a tribute to South Central Los Angeles. It represents the carefree, joyful spirit of L.A. with its distinct look and flavors while capturing the essence of the city in one amazing bottle.

Our Crenshaw Chardonnay is named after the Los Angeles landmark, Crenshaw Boulevard. It runs from Mid-Wilshire to Palos Verdes Peninsula, touching South Central, Gardena, Hawthorne, Torrance, and historic Leimert Park (the mecca of Black commerce) along the way. Crenshaw Chardonnay is my second tribute to the city I grew up in. It represents the richness of the culture, while embodying the glitz and glam of LA lifestyle with its distinct look and flavor.

Grab a glass and “sip wealth!”

Keyonna Kidd-Goins

Playa Del Rey, California