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HOT COFFEE, a coffee brand owned by a Black and Native American woman, emerged during the 2020 pandemic within Atlanta’s Bankhead community on the westside. Its inception stemmed from founder Kat Taylor’s quest for local coffee in her Grove Park neighborhood.

Branded as “Atlanta’s Hometown Coffee,” HOT COFFEE specializes in premium gourmet coffee sourced from select regions of Africa and Central and South America. The straightforward yet innovative name, HOT COFFEE, embodies the company’s ethos of “Gourmet Simplified.”

Be prepared to delight in delicious tasting notes that include chocolates, cherries, toffee, strawberries and caramels, in your choice of ground or whole bean 12 oz. coffee bags.

Choose between our multiple roast profiles and enjoy the taste of small batch gourmet coffee in your own home. But feel free to visit one of two of our cafe locations for the same great coffee.

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Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia