Jiamini Kenya


Jiamini is a family-run, Kenyan-based fashion accessories brand meaning “believe in yourself” in Swahili.

Jiamini’s vision, through its innovative designs and use of renewable resources, seeks to combine timeless traditional technique, craftsmanship, and heritage with a touch of modernity, manipulated in the construction of its delicate beaded embroidery and weave.

The brand’s one-of-a-kind pieces are a reminder and encouragement to women of who they are: bold, brilliant, confident, courageous, strong, sensual, liberated, and more. She’s an enigma to most and a balance of delicacy and strength to those who come across her path. It’s the pep in her step, the subtle elegance she carries herself with, and the silent confidence that fascinates a crowd. Her precious armour, ‘Jiamini’, is around her body, which only she knows the true significance of. She never forgets her roots, the broth that runs through her veins and that just like tradition, she is and always will be timeless. All that’s left to do is believe in herself.

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Nairobi, Kenya