Lift Your Table® Folding Table Risers

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Is your back killing you?

Folding tables were designed to be sat at, not worked behind. Many people who use folding tables to work in a standing capacity often experience back pain and neck strain.

Lift Your Table® folding table risers are a set of four risers that quickly transform folding tables from seated height to counter height, bar height, and higher back-friendly, ergonomically safe working heights. No tools required!

Lift Your Table® offers 3 different heights and 2 different feet: Original Foot and Non-Slip Foot.

Questions? Need a riser replaced? Bought the wrong version? Our passion is quality AND service! Call our California-based toll-free number to connect with someone in our office today!

Woman-owned, minority-owned, and USA made, we originated the folding table category in 2011! We are proud to have helped thousands of customers and businesses all over the world.

Lift Your Table® & Save Your Back!

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Desert Hot Springs, California