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The Little Postage House is a small, family operated, stationery business where we tell stories through our postage and paper products. We hand-make all of our paper products right in our studio. Our cast-iron antique printing presses are over 60 years old and they leave a physical impression on the paper that you can see and touch. We work to create designs that are fun, colorful, and a bit out of the box. There are oyster shaped cards for beach lovers, paper roses for moms on Mother’s Day, and letters from Santa that smell like crushed candy canes during the holidays.

Loly started the business in 2016 from her small apartment in Jersey City. Back then, she was working as a full time attorney and the Little Postage House was a passion project. After four years of juggling being a lawyer and entrepreneur, Loly left the law to dedicate herself fully to the business. Today, in this family operated business, Loly works alongside her parents who immigrated to the United States in the 1980s.

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Knoxville, Tennessee