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Lusanet Collective, founded by Lusine Simonyan and Anet Abnous, is a dynamic creative hub and retail space designed to fulfill a unique vision. These two visionary business owners aimed to create a platform that seamlessly connects founders and creators, facilitating networking, collaboration, and business promotion throughout every stage of development and growth.

At its core, Lusanet Collective features a captivating retail space that showcases a diverse array of items available for purchase. However, it aspires to be much more than a traditional retail outlet. It serves as an idea-exchange platform, a valuable resource bank, an inspiring exhibition venue, and, most importantly, a welcoming gathering spot for like-minded creative professionals. Here, they can immerse themselves in a nurturing and encouraging environment that places a strong emphasis on personal and professional growth.

Through a calendar filled with monthly pop-ups and carefully curated events, collective members—comprising artists, designers, and business owners—gain access to new audiences and critical resources. These opportunities are instrumental in elevating their businesses and brands while also fostering connections with potential investors, manufacturers, and developers. As the Lusanet Collective community flourishes, it will cultivate personal connections that offer unwavering support, empowerment, and guidance to business owners, ultimately revealing a world of endless opportunities for their creative ventures.

Lusine Simonyan

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