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Omsom is an Asian pantry staple brand that makes cooking your favorite Asian dishes with uncompromised flavors and hard-to-find ingredients possible in any home kitchen. Vanessa and Kim Pham, first-generation Vietnamese-American sisters, started Omsom to reclaim the cultural integrity of Asian cuisines that are often diluted in the mainstream grocery aisle. Each of their rip-and-pour starter packets (which are to be paired with fresh protein and vegetables that the consumer purchases separately) include all the specialty sauces, aromatics, citruses, and oils that are the foundation of Asian dishes.

In addition to their chef-driven dish starters, Omsom has also released flavors in partnership with Disney in celebration of Raya and the Last Dragon, Pepper Teigen to destigmatize MSG (monosodium glutamate) and debunk the harmful stereotypes associated with the ingredient, and Instant Pot to help make Asian flavors even more accessible through an appliance that holds a place in ⅓ of American homes. Their most recent collaboration with Chop’t advances their path of bringing Asian flavors the prevalence they deserve both in and outside of urban markets. Omsom is a recipient of The Kitchn’s 2021 Kitchen Essentials Grocery award, NOSH Best of 2020 award for both “Best New Product” and “Best Packaging Design,” and Fast Company’s Smooth Moves award, recognized as the top “small business powering the future of retail” and Fast Company’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies Award in the category of businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

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