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Tokki is a reusable gift bag brand with a tech twist—the qr card. With a simple scan, you can upload photos and videos directly to your gift! Each bag is made with three recycled water bottles and durably designed for endless reuse, so you can keep adding cards to celebrate every special occasion. They are proudly woman and minority owned, carbon neutral, & donate 1% of sales to the planet.

Click here to meet our founder, Jane, and hear about why she started Tokki.

Back in 2019, Tokki’s Founder Jane Park was staring at piles of gift wrap filling her living room thinking “What the &^%$ am I supposed to do with all that?!” She was surprised when a quick online search revealed that most gift wrap is not recyclable. This sparked a cherished memory of her Korean grandmother wrapping their important gifts in reusable squares of silk. That’s when Tokki was born—a beautiful, reusable alternative to traditional gift wrap and greeting cards. “Tokki” means rabbit in Korean, and we hope that our gift bags will “hop” from friend to friend—spreading joy with each reuse.

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Seattle, Washington