Tomato Bliss

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Harvested in peak season, heirloom tomatoes from Michigan family farms are roasted for maximum flavor. A superb, low-sodium vegan soup made with roasted heirloom tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and globally-inspired spices. Four versatile recipes: Masala, Moroccan, Chipotle, and Tuscan. Delicious on its own or use this heirloom tomato soup as a quick-scratch ingredient. With Tomato Bliss, you are guaranteed carefully grown and crafted soup, made from real heirloom tomatoes instead of reconstituted tomato puree.

Aiming to make a real difference, Tomato Bliss crafts heirloom tomato soups from colorful, regeneratively grown heirloom tomatoes. Better farming really does deliver better flavor, higher nutrient density, and a truly climate-positive solution.

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Galien, Michigan