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When I was going through breast cancer treatment, keeping track of all my medications and supplements was overwhelming. I was juggling different forms and dosing schedules – it was chaos. That’s when the idea for Tooktake was born. I needed a simple way to visually track if I’d taken each dose or not.

As a woman-owned small business, Tooktake is my solution for busy people of all ages, whether you’re taking just one thing daily or have a more complicated wellness routine. Our patented dosage reminder labels come in Daily, Hourly, 10-Day and Monthly styles to cover any regimen. The bright stickers allow you to see at a glance what you’ve taken.

To use Tooktake labels, simply stick them right on the bottle, box or package. As you take each dose, tear off the corresponding perforated tab. It’s that easy to avoid missed doses or double dosing. And we’ve got you covered for your furry family members too with labels designed for pet medications and supplements!

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Pasadena, California